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Buying Ammunition Online

Tired of not finding the ammo you want at the local Walmart? The following companies typically offer ammunition for sale online. Be sure to include shipping charges when comparing prices. Some vendors offer free or reduced shipping. Others use inflated shipping charges to pad margins.

As a disclaimer, PerSec USA has no business relation to any of the companies listed below and cannot vouch for their business practices or reliability. This list is simply provided as a starting point for your ammunition purchasing research.

A Brief Note Regarding Pricing Behavior of Vendors

When buying ammo online, consider checking out the vendors listed in bold first. During the last ammo availability crisis, these vendors kept their markups at or near pre-crisis levels. They could have engaged in profiteering - but chose not to. Let's reward them with our business now if possible.

Factory New Ammo

A1 Ammunition

Aim Surplus

The Ammo Bank

Ammo Freedom

Ammo Sale



Ammunition To Go

Bang It Ammo

Birds -n Bullets


Centerfire Systems

Corbon Ammo

Dan's Ammo

Freedom Munitions

Freedom First Outfitters

Gorilla Ammunition

Graf & Sons

Grace Ammo

Gun Broker

Healy Arms

IQ Metals

Kyle's Gun Shop

LAX Ammunition

M.A.H. Supplies, LLC

Midway USA

Midsouth Shooters Supply

Mississippi Brass


Natchez Shooters Supplies

Northwest Shooter Supply

Ozark Ordnance

Palmetto State Armory

Quality Made Cartridges

Ready Reserve Ammo

Reeds Sporting Goods

Sportsman Guide


Tactical Defense Solutions LLC

Target Sports USA

The Armory

Vizard Guns and Ammo



Wrigley Sales

Remanufactured Ammo

The American Marksman

Freedom Munitions

Georgia Arms (Canned Heat)

Grace Ammo

Gorilla Ammunition

LAX Ammunition

Mississippi Brass

Orca Arms

Master Cast Bullets Co.

Precision Cartridge, Inc.

Quality Made Cartridges

Red River Ammo Company

Vendors Removed Due to Extreme Profiteering in the Past

Able Ammo


Cheaper Than Dirt

Lucky Gunner

Surplus Ammo & Arms

Ammo Search Engines




Have Corrections or Additions?

If any information above is incorrect, or if you have a favorite online source for ammo, please contact the  and we'll add your source to this list.