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Serving Douglas &
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Which Class is for You?

  I want to... ...then take this class  
  Get (or learn to use) my
Concealed Handgun Permit
and I am experienced
with my handgun.
"Defensive Pistol"*  
  Learn how to
purchase and use a handgun

(and optionally apply for my concealed handgun permit)
"NRA Basic Pistol"  
  Intrusion graphic Learn how to
protect my home and family.
"NRA Personal Protection"
(in the home)
  Learn how to purchase, use,
and maintain a rifle
"NRA Basic Rifle"  
  Become an NRA Instructor Instructor Development Courses
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Class Information

Classes are taught in Douglas & Elbert County Colorado by NRA-certified Training Counselors or Instructors. All of the classes above (except Basic Rifle) meet the training requirements for Colorado's Concealed Handgun Permit. However, please click on the class links above to help choose a class that is right for your experience level and personal needs.

These firearms classes are designed to build your knowledge, skills and attitude with the safe use and storage of guns. Each class provides individualized attention in classroom sizes of four persons or less. The classroom environment is friendly, student-paced, supportive, and encouraging.

One-on-one training is also available at your level and at your pace. Contact PerSec USA for more information.

For Additional Information

Use the links at the left to find out more information on PerSec USA as well as free downloads that can help you make to most of your range time. if you just want to know when the next classes are being held, check the Class Schedule page.

*The "Defensive Pistol" class is not an NRA-approved course. This means that although it is taught by an NRA-certified instructor, the course content is not reviewed or approved by the NRA.