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Free Bullet Tones
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If you are considering shooting the NRA Handgun Marksmanship Qualification Course , then this page can help you improve your score on the last three timed events. If you are already familiar with the events, you can skip directly to the free downloads section to get your free Bullet Tones now!

About the NRA Handgun Qualification Program

NRA Handgun Qualification PatchNRA Handgun Qualification patch with rockersThe NRA Handgun Qualification Course provides a structured series of steps to improve your overall marksmanship. The latter events of this course require a specific number of shots be executed in a specific amount of time.

It can be difficult to watch time and focus on shooting at the same time. Below you can download three Bullet Tones (mp3 files) that will help you pace your shots and ensure you complete on time.

The NRA Handgun Qualification Course events are as follows:

  1. Basic Practical
  2. Pro-Marksman
  3. Marksman
  4. Marksman First Class
  5. Sharpshooter
  6. Expert
  7. Distinguished Expert

It is in these last three events where speed and accuracy are required.

Example of Using Bullet Tones at the Range

Note that the timing of the shot cues are not evenly spaced. Additional time is given to acquire a new sight picture when switching from one target to the next.

Event 5. Sharpshooter - 1 Target

  • Strong Side: 5 Shots in 20 Seconds
  • Weak Side: 5 Shots in 20 Seconds

Event 6. Expert - 1 Target

  • Strong Hand: 5 Shots in 3 Minutes then 5 shots in 10 Seconds
  • Weak Hand: 5 Shots in 3 Minutes then 5 shots in 10 Seconds

Event 7. Distinguished Expert - 3 Targets

  • Strong Side:
    2 Shots at each target in 10 Seconds
  • Strong Hand:
    2 Shots at each target in 10 Seconds
  • Weak Hand:
    2 Shots at each target in 10 Seconds
  • Strong Side:
    2 Shots at Center target, then 2 in left target, then 2 in right target; all 10 Seconds

The timing on each of these events begins with the first shot. That means that you can line up your sight picture before you pull the trigger the first time. Click on the video above and watch the shooter using Bullet Tones to complete an Event 7 (Distinguished Expert) course of fire.

Free Bullet Tones Download

To get your free Bullet Tones download containing the three tones supporting the NRA Handgun Qualification Course, click this button:

Download Now!

Library Contents
File Size: Approx 5.4 MBytes)

To download install the NRA Handgun Qualification Bullet Tones to your computer. Just click the "Run" button when prompted. An InstallShield™ installer is used to put three MP3 files in your "My Music" folder (or simply "Music" folder for Vista users). The Artist Name is "Bullet Tones", the Album name is "NRA Handgun Qualification", and there are three tracks in this album (one for each Event).

The three files installed that are used for this event are:

Event Description Preview

Event 5:

1 Target x 5 Shots in 20 Seconds

speaker icon

Event 6:
Expert (1/2 Event)

1 Target x 5 Shots in 10 Seconds

speaker icon

Event 7:
Distinguished Expert

3 Targets x 6 Shots in 10 Seconds

speaker icon

Each of these files begins with a 5 second preamble, and then one tone is heard for each shot you should take. Take your shot as soon as possible after the tone sounds as the next shot will follow quickly. The end of the tone sequence is indicated by a low-tone.

Using Bullet Tones at the RangeBefore going to the range, use your music management software (Windows Media Player, iTunes, etc.) to transfer these files to your MP3 player.

 MP3 Player GraphicAt the range, insert your MP3 player ear-buds first, and then put on your hearing protection earmuffs. Set your device to repeat the 'song' (or 'track') over and over again that matches the stage you are shooting. Use the pause capability to stop the tones when you are not shooting. Wait for the Preamble to begin (quiet ticks) and line up your first shot. When the first tone sounds, shoot as soon as is safely possible. Continue shooting until the final tone is heard (a distinctive low-pitched tone).

Use the Uninstall link found under your Start button ("Invicis" program group) to uninstall these files if you no longer want them on your computer.