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Skills & Drills Using Bullet Tones



Using Bullet Tones with your MP3 player at the RangeOnce you've mastered the NRA Marksmanship Qualification program course, you are ready to move on to the next level. Here are two programs that will help you improve both your accuracy and speed at the range:

These drills assume you have a handgun capable of holding at least six rounds in the cylinder or magazine, and that you are on a traditional rectangular range.


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Caution: Be aware that you should obey all rules in effect at your shooting range when using Bullet Tones. This includes any rules relating to rapid firing. Talk with your Range Officer to make sure your shooting speed is allowed.

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WARNING: Do not take any shot unless you are in full control of your weapon. If you are not able to keep up with the Bullet Tone file you are using, choose a slower file or a file with fewer targets or fewer shots/target.

Personal Defense Series

bad guy This series of drills is designed improve your ability to hit the center of mass on multiple 'bad guys' in a very short period of time. The typical armed confrontation has these three characteristics:

  • It lasts Three Seconds

  • Three Shots are Fired

  • The Bad Guy is Three Feet Away.

So your goal in these drills is to learn to shoot fast (better than once per second) with sufficient accuracy to stop the threat close-in distances. As you will be on a traditional range, here are the minimum scores you must achieve:


Range of Targets
(Three Total)
Minimum Score
2 Shots/Target,
Six Shots Total
15 Feet
(5 Yards)
27 Feet (9 Yards) 50
36 Feet (12 Yards) 45


The D-1 targets are available from Alco Target or National Target (and possibly at your range). You can also use just the repair targets (centers-only) for the D-1 to save cost and paper. These are available Alco Target or National Target.

The scoring requirements are loosely based on the ability to hit an 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper at "across-the-room" distances.  A shot touching a ring gets scored as if it was within the ring. At 15 feet, you must get at least three shots within (or touching) the "X" ring.

Simply achieving this accuracy shows good marksmanship. However, these scores must be achieved within 10 seconds, then 8 seconds, then 6 seconds, and finally within 5 seconds from a low-ready position.

In your Bullet Tones Library, you'll find a playlist entitled "Personal Defense Series". Here's the drills it contains:

Start From: Targets Shots/Target Duration

3 ea D-1
2 10 Sec
2 8 Sec
2 6 Sec
2 5 Sec*
2 4 Sec*
2 3 Sec*
Here's what the 10 second drill looks like at the range.

*WARNING: Always follow range guidelines on rapid-firing. Consult with a range officer before attempting drills that my exceed the range's rules. Always shoot under control. Do not move on to the next drill until you can comfortably achieve the required scores from the prior drill.

Timed Marksmanship Series

This series of drills is designed improve your ability to consistently score well under time pressure. The core drill uses a single 25 Yard Pistol Slowfire Target (Also known as the B-16 NRA Bullseye Target). These are available from most sporting goods stores. Here's the scoring requirements:

Range of Targets
(Three Total)
Minimum Score
(5 Shots)
15 Feet (5 Yards) 90
27 Feet (9 Yards) 80
36 Feet (12 Yards) 70

The drill begins with the shooter sighted on the target, ready to pull the trigger at the first tone. The Bullet Tones Library contains a playlist called "Timed Marksmanship Series" and contains these drills:

Start From: Target Shots/Target Duration
start at first shot
First Shot
B-16 - NRA Bullseye Targets
5 10 Sec
5 8 Sec
5 6 Sec
5 5 Sec*
5 4 Sec*
5 3 Sec*

*Do not proceed to the next drill unless you can achieve the minimum score from the slower drill. Only proceed to the next drill if your shooting range rules allow shooting that fast.

Additional Drills

Check out for more drills and information to help improve your shooting skills. The Bullet Tones library includes playlists supporting the Circle Drill and the X-Drill.

Always Shoot Safe and Under Control!