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Just click the link below for more information on the class most suitable for you. Please note that all handgun-related classes exceed Colorado's training requirement to apply for a concealed handgun permit.

Your Personal Goal

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To apply my handgun knowledge and experience toward protecting myself and others with a concealed firearm. P239 in Holster  "Defensive
To learn how to select, purchase, safely use, maintain, and store a handgun. "NRA
Basic Pistol
To learn how to select, safely use,
maintain, and store a rifle.
Rifle Shooter "NRA
Basic Rifle
To understand how I can make my home more secure and to use a handgun for the protection of myself and my family in the home. Intruder "NRA Personal Protection
In the Home

If you are still not sure which class to take, you can browse the pages for each class by clicking the links above, or just contact us with what you are looking for in a class. We'll help you find the best class for your goals and prior experience.

All classes are taught by an NRA-certified Training Counselor or NRA Certified Instructor.


*Please Note: "Defensive Pistol" is not an NRA-approved course.