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Merchant Notification & Education Cards

For reasons that may seem hard to understand, some stores do not want trained, law-abiding citizens carrying a concealed firearm in their store. If there is such a store in your area, feel free to download and print out these cards and hand them to the owner/manager as you take your business elsewhere.

This is the front and back of a business card you can print at home:

Simply click on the link below for the concealed carry business card, and you'll have all of these cards you want to print.

Concealed Carry Education Card for Businesses


Printing Tips:

  1. Use Avery #8371 (or similar) card stock or heavy paper if possible.
  2. Use "Page Scaling: None" in Acrobat
    This keeps the cards aligned with the perforations
  3. Print one side, then turn the sheet over and print side two on back.
  4. If not using a commercial pre-punched paper product, use a paper cutter to separate the cards.


Please hand these cards out wherever you find mis-informed business owners!