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Selected Handgun-Related Forums

A Great Source of Information

Forums are a great source of free advice on firearms selection, maintenance, and use. However, it is important to keep in mind that this advice may be worth exactly what it costs you: nothing!

With this warning in mind, here are some great forums that can provide you with a wealth of information on handguns.


SIGforum: A forum dedicated primarily to firearms manufactured by Sig Sauer of Manchester, NH - although discussion of all firearms manufacturers is typically found there. It is heavily moderated, and approval for membership can take several weeks or more. Bad behavior is not tolerated.

Smith & Wesson Forum

S&W Forum is a forum dedicated primarily to Smith and Wesson firearms. Membership approval is typically fast and the forum is usually quite busy with revolver enthusiasts.

Glock Forum

Glock Talk serves owners of the ubiquitous Glock handgun, this forum is moderately busy and caters almost exclusively to Glock handguns.