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Reference Information
for Shooting Sports

Concealed Handgun (and Firearm) Laws in Colorado

P239Visit this page to find information on the following topics:

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Where Can I Get Ammunition Online?

Winchester White BoxNeed help finding ammo? Here you will find resources to search and find ammunition online. Working ammo search engines and 'bots' are listed along with sources for remanufactured ammunition.

Buying a Handgun?

Thinking about buying your first gun? Perhaps you have not purchased a gun in a very long time. The "Buying a Handgun" page will walk you through the simple four-step process. You will learn what the most important factor is when choosing a handgun.

Consider Starting with an Airgun

The knowledge, skills, and attitude required to shoot a rifle or handgun also apply to airgun pistols and rifles. The advantage of an airgun is that they are much less expensive both in initial cost and in ammunition cost.

A useful reference for all things Airgun is:

Adding a Challenge to Your Range Visits

Although you can never become a 'perfect' marksman, you can always get better. Visit the Training Page for tips and resources to make your day at the range more productive and challenging.

Local Places to Go Shooting

Two good resources for finding a range are:

  1. National Rifle Association Range Search Page
  2. Colorado Parks and Wildlife Google Range Mapper

Here is a short list of public and private ranges & locations in the Central Rockies:

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